Well, if yesterday’s Fox Sports Chat is anything to go by, the man who presided over this Algonquin Roundtable of baseball insight considers Law to be “a punk” who should “stick to what he knows, making doughnuts”.  Naturally, Rob Dibble will also continue to do what he does best : remind us that once upon a time, he was a professional baseball player.  (thanks to Repoz for the link)

[Comment From Bizzy]
a lot of people don’t give Jeter the credit is due in my opinion, and one of the reason is because his ops is so low

RKD49:  Bizzy, Jeter has more hits then Babe Ruth and Joe Dimaggio and Mickey Mantle, only Lou Gherig stands in his way as The Yankee with the most hits of all time….As far as Jeters greatness, how about most hits,runs,and total bases in postseason history…OP?   OPS was made up by espn, it means nothing to me.

[Comment From Bizzy]
I know it doesn’t, I’m just stating what sabermetricians that I talk to say about Jeter, I believe he’s a great hitter, you have to be when you pass the likes of Joe D, Mantle and Ruth

RKD49:  I’m not down of you Bizzy, I love numbers and stats too, but Keith Law saying Jim Rice would be the worst outfielder in The HOF because his OBP on the road is low is a joke, anybody who faced him says he’s a HOFer, Keith Law played how many games in The Big leagues?…Sometimes numbers get in the way of common sense, that’s what I’m talking about….Rice was awesome and who cares what Keith Law thinks anyway, he needs a good beating from Rosie O”donell