[Selig, it just kills him to see this 2007 Bonds drive off the lot – forever.]

“This is breaking my heart, I don’t mind telling you that,” sighed Bud Selig.  Coming from an ex used car salesman like Selig, that’s a good cue to run.  USA Today carries a brief interview with the owners spokesman commissioner of major league baseball today, and he appears poised to make yet another bad decision for baseball “ annulling Barry Bonds records from the books.  It’s not surprising, since Selig and all the other owners who promoted steroid ball are to a man distancing themselves from people like Bonds.

The last Most Hated Selig decision, that the winner of the all-star game determines the World Series home field, is stupid in practice.  Erasing Bonds’ standing in the history books, or rather, baseball putting itself in defiance of reality in order to better market itself as a clean sport, is stupid for the ages.  Selig spent last summer boasting about his reign as major league baseball commissioner as a golden age in every measurable way.  Yet when it comes to recognizing what made baseball golden and the lemon hue it has now “ the steroid fueled era Selig and the owners paid for, as is, no questions asked “ he wants to scapegoat Bonds.  I assume, of course, that Selig will realize that pretending Bonds doesn’t exist will bring about erasing Clemens Cy Young Awards, the Torre Yankees, and every other steroid tainted moment of the Selig Era. Erasing milestone records is easy for Selig’s Brewers, but what about the rest of baseball?  It’s cash and carry, Bud, no warantees.