…is a promise he probably won’t have to keep, reports the NY Post’s Mark Hale.

If the Mets want to make a run at Carlos Beltran, Mike Cameron won’t stand in the way.

Cameron revealed yesterday that he has told Met brass he would be willing to switch from center field to right if the Mets want to sign Beltran, the Astros’ free agent, to play center.

“If Beltran will come here, I’ll move to right field,” Cameron told The Post in a phone interview. Cameron said he told this to Omar Minaya, Jim Duquette and Jeff Wilpon in Atlanta a couple of weeks ago. He noted they did not ask him to move. Rather, he volunteered, even though he loves to play center and may win his third Gold Glove there today. But all Cameron wants to do is win, and he knows Beltran can help.

“That’s what I’m willing to do,” he said. “I’m willing to take that risk, moving to right field, having a chance to win and see what it’s like to win in New York and see if we can get this thing turned around.”

Needless to say, Cameron didn’t win his 3rd Gold Glove today. And if the Mets aren’t going after Carlos Beltran, Stephen at The Eddie Kranepool Society would like to know why.

Why is Beltran a longshot to go to the Mets? Isn’t Freddy Skill Sets starting his own TV network in 2006? Don’t you need programing that people want to pay money for? and most importantly don’t you need advistisers to pay money to plug their products? So why not go hard after Beltran. How much money will Beltran command on the market and who are the players in this market. I know every says oh he’s signed sealed and delivered to the Highlanders but how can the Highlanders go for Beltran when (a) they need pitching much more than offense and (b)They have a quagmire in the outfield and at the DH postion.

After the major screw up with Valdy Guerrero last year the Skill Sets have to go hard after Beltran to rid the stink of the last two years. If Freddy wants the fans to shell out cash to come to Shea and to buy his MetsTV channel then he has to go the extra mile and knock Beltran (and the dispicable Scott Borras) socks off. Freddy, allow Omar to be PRO-ACTIVE show me some Nelly Doubleday like onions and give Omar the Czar a blank check and have him bring to Beltran and Borras and tell them to fill in the blank.