If things weren’t bad enough for beautiful, bright and biracial Alex Rodriguez, look who’s now singing his praises. From the Journal News’ Peter Abraham.

At Knicks practice today, Stephon Marbury defended Alex Rodriguez and said he wants him to stay in New York.

“I don’t think it’s fair how they’re getting on Alex Rodriguez,” Marbury said. “I understand that he makes the most money, but still, he’s human. He can have a bad game. He can have a bad playoff series. What about all the times he’s hit home runs? And won games?

“So, to hear people calling in and polls about should we trade Alex Rodriguez, then you trade him and he goes someplace else and he wins the World Series and hits a game-winning home run in the World Series. I’s like, ‘Oh, why’d we trade him?’ “

Stephon also voiced support for Joe Torre.

‘We a team,” he said. “Joe Torre’s not a guy who makes decision based upon trying to go in the wrong direction. Every decision he’s made is trying to go in the right direction. Sometimes we don’t do the right things, but I think them guys collectively know that it’s a group effort. It was everyone. It wasn’t just Joe Torre.”

Coming next week : Starbury on Michael Brown, Donald Rumsfeld and Larry Coker.

There’s bad news and worse news for the Knicks concerning Jerome James. The bad news is that James is suffering from an injured plantar fascia in his right foot. The worse news is that his left foot is feeling just fine. Still, to put it all in perspective, Isiah Thomas would like you to know that it isn’t as though James is making $30 million a year. Just $30 million over 5 years.