What with all the intense homework I’ve been doing in advance of the Winter Olympics’ Flexible Flyer competition, I’ve been neglected to keep up with some of the hotter stories that have recently appeared in Dave Meltzer’s weekly treasure trove of information, The Wrestling Observer Newsletter,.

Amongst two of the past month’s more sensational entries :

a) former tag-team partner of the Iron Sheik and all-around symbol of everything that is Anti-American, Nikolai Volkoff is mulling a run for the Maryland House Of Delegates.

b) former WCW TV staple Chris Kanyon, described by Mike Tenay as “The Innovator Of Offense”, has alleged that the WWE cut him loose after learning he was gay. Said coming-out-of-the-closet address took place while cutting a promo during an Ontario indie card, so take any portion of the speech for what it is worth.