1B Scott Hatteberg, recently characterized in underwhelming terms by “Moneyball” revisionist Murray Chass, has signed a one-year, $750,000 deal with the Cincinnati Reds

Hatteberg is expected to provide insurance in the event Adam Dunn becomes attractive enough for the Reds to trade away.

Astros manager Phil Garner tells the Houston Chronicle’s Brian McTaggart that he expects former Round Rock standouts Wandy Rodriquez and Esquivel Astacio to hold the 4th and 5th spots in his starting rotation. Or 5th and long relief, respectively, if a certain thick-necked, has-never-used-steroids, certain Hall of Famer returns.

Bruce Jenkins in Saturday’s SF Chronicle on the curious plans for a reality TV show based around the Sultan of Surly :

It’s possible that ESPN’s invasion will not be a daily event in the Giants’ clubhouse, with most of the footage shot away from the stadium, but that’s wishful thinking; the ESPN people are more likely to flaunt their unprecedented access, causing ill-will and bitterness all around.

I can’t think of many writers, anywhere in the country, who actually enjoy talking to Bonds. Columnists have the right to ignore him altogether (see your 3-Dot proprietor) and simply enjoy his magnificent show on the field, but for beat writers, approaching Bonds is a near-daily adventure. If they get expelled from Bonds’ world while he chats up an ESPN crew, the Giants’ media setup will have all the credibility of “Entertainment Tonight.”

What nobody seems to realize is that the rest of the country — ESPN’s audience, essentially — doesn’t crave regular doses of Bonds. Polls indicate that thousands of fans are disgusted by him, citing his arrogance, his (alleged) use of steroids or the bizarre press conferences he conducted during his injury-wrecked 2005 season. Quite simply, they don’t want to see him break Henry Aaron’s home-run record. Watching him giggle and coo his way through an ESPN “reality” show would be, to them, the height of hypocrisy.

So the Giants willingly climb in bed with a very sleazy concept, and worst of all, Bonds’ teammates will be directly affected. They fully understand that Bonds is the show, and without him, they go nowhere. But if you’re wearing the Giants uniform and a Bonds-starved ESPN camera crew is cramping your style in the clubhouse, week after week, while not caring one bit about you or anyone else on the team, it’s just a little demeaning. They must find it especially appalling that management doesn’t give a damn.