Presumably, we can take the following as evidence Isiah Thomas is no longer in love with the nucleus of his New York Knicks. From the Oregonian’s John Canzano :

An NBA source told me via telephone on Wednesday night that Zach Randolph is on the trading block, and that he’s likely to end up in Milwaukee. Keep an eye on that, if you need a sideshow. I don’t know about you, but when I think of Z-Bo going to Milwaukee, I keep seeing the Hoops Family going down the street, headed to the Shotz Brewery, arms linked, doing the “schlemiel-schlamazel” while singing “there is nothing we won’t try, never heard the word impossible…”

Yao Ming asks the New York Daily News’ Frank Isola why Patrick Ewing doesn’t have a spot on the Knicks’ bench (“he helped me. Look at Dwight Howard and the all the improvement he’s made”), but I suspect the hoops scribe already knows the reason.  Some years back, Howard Stern alleged Ewing was having an affair with one of the Knicks City Dancers. And as we all know, James Dolan has a very strict no tolerance policy against anything that smacks of inappropriate sexual behavior.

Apparently, the Utah Jazz — facing the Nash-less Suns later tonight — are willing to trade one hot dog for every 10 All-Star ballots filled out at the Killer Nuclear Power Plant Arena. Surely there are more dignified ways of luring the retired Frank Layden out to a game?