A day after the New York Times’ Ben Shpigel all but proposed marriage to David Wright, New York Magazine’s David Amsden pays homage to the Mets 3B with “Mr Clean”. In addition to burnishing Wright’s Boy Next Door resume ((œWhen you™re coming up, they have meetings with you about drugs, about drinking, about women. They hire these actors who come in and perform a bunch of scenarios. It™s pretty funny and basic, but it sticks in the head of someone who™s 18 or 19 years old.), Jay Horowitz takes responsibility for the Salvation Miracle Crusade episode (œThat was really my fault, says the Mets™ director of public relations. œThere™s so many people on the field, and David™s so accommodating. Most guys won™t even bother, but he doesn™t like saying no to anyone.) and Paul Lo Duca does his best to keep his teammate from growing a big head.

Being someone often referred to as one of œNew York™s most eligible bachelors makes him an irresistible target for friendly mockery, which he takes in stride, sometimes preemptively striking first. With Tom Glavine, the team™s patriarchal 41-year-old pitcher, Wright jokes, œHey, man, I was a huge fan of yours when I was in elementary school. To which Glavine has a stock rebuttal: œLook, you™ll be lucky if you™re still playing at my age, and you won™t look as good as I do. Paul Lo Duca, the starting catcher and wiseacre-in-chief, has made it a priority to keep Wright in check. œHe thinks every woman in the world is in love with him, so we give him some shit, keep his feet on the earth, Lo Duca says. œI tell him that if he was a garbageman, not a single woman would notice him.”

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