Though most thinking persons shudder at the notion of Jason Whitlock becoming WFAN’s new morning man, I’m certain there’s at least one select group of locals who eagerly await his arrival.  In the meantime, Newsday’s Neil Best explains it all.

Jason Whitlock, a columnist for and The Kansas City Star, said Friday that WFAN operations director Mark Chernoff interviewed him Wednesday about the open morning slot on the station.

Whitlock is believed to be one of a number of people whom Chernoff has talked to or will talk to about the slot vacated by the fired Don Imus, but he is the first whose name has become public.

The two met during a previously planned trip to New York by Whitlock, who said Chernoff invited him to host the morning show for two or three days after Mike Francesa and Chris Russo complete their two-week fill-in term.

Whitlock declined that invitation for now, saying he is unsure whether he is interested in the job. He did appear briefly by phone with Francesa and Russo Friday for a somewhat contentious interview.

“Francesa said, ‘Are you trying to audition on this show?’ I said, ‘No, man, I’m being me,”’ Whitlock said later.