The game’s premier expert on paleontology, space travel and child rearing, White Sox OF Carl Everett claims that MLB has it in for the Southsiders. From the Daily Southtown’s Joe Cowley.

“I don’t think it’s going to come down to us and Minnesota,” Everett said. “I think it comes down to the way the schedule is laid out. The schedule is laid out for us to fail.

“We’re saving everyone until the last part of the season. The schedule is basically built for Minnesota. But I don’t think we’re worried about Minnesota … I hope we’re not worried about Minnesota. Like I said before, if we just go out and win against the teams in our division, it doesn’t matter how slanted the schedule is, we’re going to win.”

Everett offered into evidence the fact that the Sox have their most off days in June, compared to only two in September ” the last Sept. 12.

On the other hand, Minnesota has three off days in September, as do the Yankees.

“Our schedule is made out to where we have a relaxing June and a September with no time off,” Everett said. “The team that is going to have the most days off in the second half is who the schedule makers want to win it. But at the same time, if we beat Minnesota, Cleveland, Kansas City, like we have, it doesn’t matter how that schedule is filled out. Beat your division, you win the division.”

Everett also doesn’t like the fact the Twins are done playing Boston and New York by Aug. 7, and the Sox don’t even play the Yankees until Aug. 8.

As far as interleague games, the Sox are matched up with the Cubs, while Minnesota gets to play Milwaukee.

“They call it an unbalanced schedule, and it really is,” Everett said. “The whole schedule is made out for the Yankees, but in our division, it’s made for the Twins.

“They need to get rid of interleague play, because it doesn’t do justice for all the teams. If you want to make it fair, have everyone play each other. It was good for the first two years, but now it’s time to give it a rest.”