Hot stuff from the Seattle Times’ Larry Stone this morning : not only does he survey Eddie Guardado doing a slow burn over his diminished role, and hangs around for Duff McKagan’s surprise appearance in the Mariners’ clubhouse (“looking at him, you could tell he’d lived a rock’n’roll lifestyle,” said first base coach Mike Goff), but also he took the time to poll Carl Everett about baseball’s hottest story.

Everett won a World Series ring last year under Guillen, under fire for calling Mariotti a derogatory term often used to describe someone’s sexual orientation. Everett believes that Mariotti should be held equally accountable for critical comments he makes in his guise as a columnist and television commentator.

“If you call me stupid, that’s derogatory,” he said. “Don’t just pick a certain word, because the world is sensitive to gay people. You call me stupid, you call me an idiot, people are sensitive to that.

“So don’t just single out a couple of words. You’ve got to take everything as a broad spectrum. You call a player stupid or ignorant, you just touched a subject you shouldn’t be touching. But they give you the right to say it because you’re media. Bull.”

Everett shared the enmity of his former manager toward Mariotti.

“Yeah, Ozzie talks a lot,” he said. “But at the same time, Jay Mariotti has a big mouth, too. If you want to tell people to be quiet, take his butt to sensitivity training.”

Keep in mind that Everett is on record as saying œA woman and a woman can™t have a baby, and a man and a man can™t have a baby.  I’m not a scientist, but I think this is a hard point to dispute. However, a man and a woman can have a baby and then they can beat the child until someone notices the bruises and calls the cops.