Well, Terrence Moore, for one. But perhaps he’s not noticed them….as they’re all wearing stupid costumes.  From the Atlanta Journal-Constitution’s Michelle Hiskey.

When it’s 100 degrees the day your hapless Atlanta Braves play, and you’re dressing up as a beverage can, a bit of plumbing is your best friend.

Thumb-wide circles of PVC piping ring your shoulders and knees. Those form your can’s lightweight rims. Your costume hangs between like a shower curtain, the fabric slit so air can flow through.

You are one of McCann’s Cans, cheering on the Braves’ catcher, Brian. Passing out would not be cool, especially right now. As the temperature soars and the team record dives, the Braves need all the support they can get.

The 30-43 season has tested whether it’s cool to dress up as McCann’s Cans, Francoeur’s Franks, Edgar’s Eggs and Adam’s Army. They followed the dress-steps of folks like Sheffield’s Chefs.

“It’s just about coming and supporting the team,” said Robert Walls, 38, of Roswell, who has put on a headdress and American Indian costume for more than 700 consecutive home games. “I’m not going to stop because they’re not doing well.”

The Cans and others are cut from the same pattern as folks who dress up as Trekkies, for the rock group KISS or in red, white and blue at political conventions.

“They dress up due to a significantly powerful identification with that person, a desire to emulate specific characteristics of that person, perhaps a certain feeling of kinship with that person based on real or perceived characteristics in common,” said Atlanta psychologist Dr. Barbara Rubin.