Principals are one thing, but when a chance to hang out with Lee Mazilli all summer is at stake, well, Carlos Delgado knows what time it is. From today’s Baltimore Sun.

The Orioles are far enough along in their negotiations with Delgado that they’ve already resolved the “God Bless America” issue. Delgado has notified club officials, through agent David Sloane, that he would stand for the song if they ask him to stand.

“Carlos has said he will never do anything that puts himself above the team,” Sloane said. “There is no policy on the Blue Jays regarding ‘God Bless America.’ If he signs with a team that has a policy that all players must stand on the top step for ‘God Bless America,’ that’s what he’ll do.”

This is a sensitive issue for the Orioles. They respect Delgado’s right to have his own political viewpoints, but if Camden Yards becomes his new home, they would consider it his workplace. And they don’t want to cause a distraction for other players.

Apparently, Delgado is fine with that, further proof that he’s as solid a person as he is a player. The Orioles know they’d be lucky to get him, and probably will make an offer before heading to the winter meetings on Friday.