While Phillies C Carlos Ruiz earned a standing O from the CBP patrons for his attempt to knock the Padres’ Marcus Giles into left field during last night’s 14-3 loss, the Friars seem unlikely to forgive and forget, writes the Union-Tribue’s Chris Jenkins.

œ(Expletive) play, just an (expletive) slide, said winning pitcher Greg Maddux, normally given to more diplomacy in his postgame remarks. œThere’s playing hard and playing dirty. That’s playing (expletive).

With no clear intent of actually getting anywhere near the bag on Giles’ double-play relay, Ruiz applied a flying cross-body block that not only wiped out Giles from the play and the game, but likely a number of games to come. Giles left an inning later with a hip pointer, apparently caused by Ruiz’s forearm, and is listed as day-to-day.

œHe wasn’t sliding, Marcus Giles said. œThat’s the only thing about it. I don’t mind a good play and I don’t mind a hard play. I get down on guys when they don’t make hard slides that take me out. You play this game hard and aggressive. But that wasn’t a slide at all.

After seeing the replay, Ruiz said he understood why Giles was angry.

œIt was a little high, Ruiz told The Associated Press. œI was just thinking about breaking up the double play. I was just playing hard.

I think Jack Tatum put it the same way, once upon a time.

While the White Sox haven’t done squat against Tim Wakefield today — the knuckleballer being the recipient of some healthy run support — it’s amazing to consider there’s actually a columnist in Wormtown who believes Daisuke Matzusaka’s won-loss record is an accurate reflection of his value to the Red Sox.