Former Mets batboy Kirk Radomski (above) has apparently provided names galore to former Senator George Mitchell’s Never-Ending Steroid Investigation (, Jon Heyman). The report following the initial raid claims “Radomski’s North Fork checking account revealed 23 deposits from MLB-associated individuals between May 2003 and March 2005, totaling $33,935.”

Something tells me that if you had a look at Fred Wilpon or Peter Magowan’s bank accounts from the same period, you might also see a few transactions or payments to MLB-associated individuals, too.

Writes Catbird In The Nosebleed Seats’ Jeff Kallman,

Radomski™s attorney John Reilly told Heyman his client”believed a major PES supplier since the BALCO shut-down four years ago”isn™t commenting yet on his meeting with Mitchell. He has a 7 September court date in San Francisco, where the question of whether he goes to the calaboose for up to a quarter century (he made a plea deal in April) œhas been said by authorities to depend to some degree on his level of cooperation, Heyman continued.

OK, who wants to ante up a pot on how soon the leaks begin?

No wagering required, Jeff. I’ll start right here. My guess is Radomski, watching the backs of batboys everywhere, rolled over on Manny Alexander. And I think we can all agree that Manny’s Hall Of Fame chances will suffer a serious blow.

Rather than wilt under the pressure of the Yankees being clubbed to death by Garrett Anderson the surging Yankees, a pair of Red Sox vets are using the dog days of August to look after their financial interests. While Big Papi is selling his Mercedes on eBay (above), Curt Schilling is dabbling in reverse tampering with the Tampa Bay Devil Rays.

Rick Sutcliffle does realize his microphone is on when the game is being played, right?