Well gosh, let me be the first. My totally lame headline can apply to both Tim Beckham, the #1 overall pick in today’s MLB draft, and Gordon Beckham, now a member of the White Sox at #8. The draft has also yielded three catchers in 11 picks; according to ESPN’s Keith Law, the big surprise was thought-to-be-expensive 1B Yonder Alonso, picked by a team (the Reds) that’s not known for loose pursestrings.

And speaking of Cincinnati’s second-hottest sports franchise, it seemed all but certain that Ken Griffey Jr. would hit his 600th HR during a four-game stretch in Philadelphia. Instead, he missed two games, and merely pinch-hit yesterday (with Bronson Arroyo stepping in to run the bases). Junior played today, but Cole Hamels pitched a shutout, which was much needed by the Phillies after last night’s loss, which came despite 6 1/3 no-hit innings by Brett Myers. Apparently some home fans booed Myers for walking Griffey:

œIt kind of irritated me a little bit, said Myers, who had allowed just one hit up to that point. œI just don™t understand. I know they want to see a home run hit, but not in a tight game like that, especially (Tuesday) and (last night). They should be pulling for us. Yeah, he™s going to make history and hit a home run, but if he does it here or he doesn™t, he™s going to do it at some point. You™re supposed to be here patting us on the back. Believe me, I tried to go after him. I wasn™t pitching around him. I™m not scared of any hitter.”