From the Cleveland Plain Dealer’s Mark Gillespie.

Nobody has ever confused Cavaliers center Scot Pollard with Nancy Reagan.

And the former first lady, famous for her anti-drug message, would not have been amused had she seen Pollard look into the camera during Sunday’s telecast of the Cavs’ game against the Indiana Pacers and say, “Hey kids, do drugs.”

Rich Harsar of Lorain certainly doesn’t find it funny. He was at home watching the game with his 11-year-old son, Mason, when the camera panned to Pollard, who was sitting on the bench in street clothes, during a 20-second timeout.

Harsar said Pollard initially made a few funny faces and then made the comment, which was audible. Harsar said his son turned to him and asked if Pollard had actually said that.

“I was dumbfounded,” Harsar said. “This is six in the evening on a Sunday. This is family time.”

The Cavaliers on Wednesday issued a statement by Cavs General Manager Danny Ferry.

“We have spoken with Scot and certainly do not condone his actions,” the statement said. “He regrets his mistake, using inappropriate humor, particularly when he has always been very involved in the community, projecting positive messages to our youth. We will handle the issue internally.”

Harsar said he understands people say and do “dumb things,” but thinks it’s especially reckless for someone like Pollard, who is in the spotlight and serves as a role model for youth.

“If it’s LeBron James, what happens?” Harsar asked. “He would lose endorsements, and it would be a front-page story across the nation.”

Indeed, it would be shame if Pollard lost any of his high profile, national endorsements over this unfortunate incident.