“Do the Toronto Blue Jays have the most unruly, drunken fans in baseball?” asked the Toronto Star some 3 years ago, and in the wake of Orioles Hyun Soo Kim narrowly avoiding a tossed beer can during last night’s 5-2, 11 inning AL Wild Card defeat at the Rogers Centre, the CBC’s Jamie Strashin suggests the hosts’ patrons aren’t merely uncouth, but racist to boot.

There were again numerous fights at last night’s game (I witnessed two from my seat along the first-base line) and a beer can may not have been the only thing hurled from the crowd. There were reports of racial slurs lobbed at Orioles outfielders Jones, an African-American, and Kim, who hails from South Korea.

CBC Sports reporter Scott Regehr was at the game and says Orioles first-base coach Wayne Kirby, a heavyset black man, got a rough ride from four 20-somethings decked out in Blue Jays garb sitting near him.

“They were yelling at him to go get some more fried chicken,” Regehr says.