(the Cumbucket Media Board Of Directors present your editor with a cake, three weeks early)

September marks the anniversary of one of the most influential, often imitated and widely read sports blogs in existence. But enough about Deadspin, it also happens to be the 5th anniversary of Can’t Stop The Bleeding becoming part of the daily routine for several dozen of you.  Accordingly, we’ll be marking this historic event on Monday, September 22, at 7:10pm.  The New York Mets will host the Chicago Cubs that evening in the final Monday regular season game at Shea Stadium, and CSTB has secured a special stash of upper deck seats for the occasion. Tickets are $11.50 — probably the last time you’ll see a Mets home game for that cheap — and you’re encouaged to RSVP at [email protected] if you’d like to attend.  There’s a limit of 2 tickets per applicant.

A postgame event is being planned for a somewhat more intimate venue late that evening. Same address to RSVP, however no paypal action is required if you’re going to skip the trip to Shea.  But keep in mind, this could be your last chance to a) experience a night at NYC’s 2nd most beloved ballpark, b) apologize to Carlos Delgado or c) throw batteries at Scott Schoeneweis bask in the splendor of a CSTB field trip before Cumbucket Media sells the entire operation to Emmis Broadcasting.