Though the opinions of Sports Illustrated’s Norman Chad are not particularly profound, in the wake of Glen Davis’ last second heroics against Orlando last night….you’re gonna read ’em anyway!  You see, Mr. Chad is sick, sick, sick of Boston, writing, “I am still scarred from a childhood of watching the Celtics get call after call and win title after title; the only benefit was that it prepared me for an adulthood of watching Duke games.”  (“When I was 10, I watched a Celtics-76ers playoff game in which Bailey Howell committed eight — no, make that NINE — personal fouls before they even considered disqualifying him. But the officials conferred with Auerbach, and Howell remained in the game.”)

As for the current, unsavory Celtics, I excuse the coach, Doc Rivers, who was a terrific analyst on TNT and is a class act on the bench. I excuse no one else.

The Big Three — Ray Allen, Kevin Garnett and Paul Pierce — play the game right, but I’m tired of seeing Garnett in his Big & Tall Men’s Shop suit standing on the sidelines chest-bumping teammates.

I don’t like Kendrick Perkins; I don’t know why.

Eddie House wears his socks too high, for my tastes. I also wouldn’t mind if, just one time after hitting a three-pointer, he didn’t go frolicking back down court like he just won the lottery.

Big Baby Davis is, well, a big baby.

Stephon Marbury is a walking, trash-talking billboard for underachieving pro-athlete dysfunction.

Brian Scalabrine — didn’t he used to be on “Saved By The Bell”?

UPDATE : Not sure of Pat Burrell‘s basketball allegiances, but he might be another guy who’s had his fill of C’s-mania.