Uncanny, isn’t it?  Beat that, Willis Reed!   Despite 17 points from Ben Gordon, a succession of Chicago turnovers have led to a 46-38 Boston lead with 2:52 remaining in the first half….and I can’t get anyone else to live blog the fucker! More after the jump : 9:05 pm – probably wouldn’t have guessed in January that Scalabrine would have 3 fouls before halftime of a playoff game.  An NBA playoff game, anyway

9:06 pm – Besides being, y’know, a warm body, can someone explain exactly what Stephon Marbury has brought to Boston?   Surely there were other rusty PG’s who could’ve provided a more competent 5-10 minutes a game

9:10 pm – (in Matt Vasgersian voice)…wait, rewind the tape.  That guy standing by the Chicago bench?  Is that ANDY GARCIA?

9: 12 pm – If Hinrich looks scared of Vinny Del Negro sometimes, can you imagine what he’d be like with KG as a teammate?  I promise I will stop asking rhetorical questions very soon.

9:13 pm – If Chuck Wepner had Hinrich’s cut man, he’s still be fighting.  Fighting off process servers, but fighting just the same.

9:15 pm – Rondo has zero points at the half, but he’s got 5 assists and blocked a Rose jumper just before the buzzer.  And now Scalabrine’s getting the David Aldridge treatment — I don’t think that’s ever happened before.

9:18 pm  – Imagining what TNT’s ads would be like if they’d hooked up with “Terminator : Salvation” instead of “X-Men : Orgins”.   Kenny : “If you had Christian Bale’s temper, the Phoenix police would’ve tased you”

9:20 pm – Little known CSTB trivia. I once attended a New York Liberty game and sat behind Chyna Phillips and Billy Baldwin.  No offense, they seem nice people, but it would’ve been more fun to go to a game with Daniel Baldwin and Carnie Wilson.  Or just Daniel Baldwin.  Annoying Beau Felton questions all night.

9:26 pm – Scary thought ; DirecTV believes reruns of the failed Ray Liotta vehicle “Smith” constitute “innovative programming”.  Not nearly as proud of that Meat Loaf rock quiz show, huh?

9:38 pm – I hate to say this, but when TNT shows Big Baby’s PPG going from 8 in the regular season to 17.5 in this playoff series, two words come to mind : “Jerome James”.

9:44 pm – 4 fouls on Perkins.  Still time for KG to tear off that fancy suit and shock the world.

9:45 pm – so many feeds to Davis underneath.  When / if the Bulls double team him, somebody else will be wide open. But I doubt he gets doubled.

9:46 pm  – Love how Doug Collins does everything possible to call Scalabrine a defensive liability without actually saying as much.

9:48 pm – Rondo is pulled down while coming into the lane from the left side by Joachim Noah.  The Celtics aren’t the only ones with a ‘no layups’ edict.

9:53p pm – It’s Maim Rajon Rondo Night at North Station.

10:02 pm – The Sultan Of Sloth joins TBS’ baseball crew tomorrow. I am truly a lucky, lucky person.

10:09 pm – A 7 point Boston advantage with a quarter to go ; suddenly, I’m glad I didn’t order Pacquiao/Hatton in advance.

10:17 pm – Celtics have missed 7 of their last 14 free throws ; and Hinrich’s finally scored a couple from the field

1o:19 pm – Eddie House sank his second 3 of the last couple of minutes, gets slapped with a T for gesturing at the Chicago bench.  Hey, we’ve all done it.   Boston up by 7, 8:48 left.

10:21 pm –  Dylan McDermott fronting a TV show in 2009 is like hiring Dick Versace to coach.

10:22 pm – Could pull a Sports Putz and get my Dad on the phone, but it wouldn’t be quite the same. It would take too long to explain that Dave Cowens is retired.

10:25 pm – Why am I not surprised Noah is catching serious heat from the Boston crowd?

10:27 pm – 9 points  for Hinrich in the quarter, and if he doesn’t hit the last one, I’d have said it was over.

10:28 pm – Salmons hammered underneath, basket, no foul, Boston by 5 with 5:44 left and Rose going to the line.

10:29 pm – Howard Beck tweeted earlier this week that he doesn’t get this Sprite ad.  Me neither. No matter how hot it gets outside, who wants to turn into liquid?

10:36 pm – Salmons missed a wide open 3 that would’ve cut the Boston lead to 2.  91-86, and Salmons just kicked the ball out of bounds.  Nightmare sequence for the former King.

10:38 pm – Brad Miller’s attempt to massage Kendrick Perkins’ ailing left shoulder results in a Chicago foul and dual technicals.  Celtics 91, Bulls 86, 2:53 remaining.   You know, in real life no one who looks like that actually eats at Applebee’s.

10:40 pm – Do I know a loved one who’s been the victim of nursing home neglect? Other than Tommy Heinsohn, no.

10:42 pm – I think Eddie House has a tattoo of David Wells on his right arm.

10:43 pm – House drains a 3 from the corner after a great pass from Pierce.  8 point lead at home with 2:10 left?  Should be unblowable.   Tom Sizemore unblowable.

10:48 pm – Bulls won’t quit but Collins is right ;  if it’s just about basket trading, they’re gonna run out of time.  Boston 100, Chicago 95, 1:05 left

10: 49 pm – I’d like to take this time out to mention that I don’t personally know anyone named Ursula or Edgar.  This seems unfair.

10:51 pm – Pierce misses a shot identical to the one Rose blocked on Thursday ; collects Gordon’s miss at the other end and is mugged by Noah.  Bye, bye Joachim.   102-95, 46.8 seconds left.

10:53 pm – Everyone in the East is just a tackling dummy for the LeBrons this year, but I’m not so sure Boston/Orlando isn’t a 7 game series, too.

10:55 pm  – That’s mostly based on Orlando’s lack of composure against Philly.   Allen converts the 3 point play after being hacked by Brad Miller on the breakaway.  I’d call it non-violent flagrance.   105-97, Boston, 36 seconds left.

10:58 pm – Whoops.  Chicago were almost gifted a 3 that would’ve cut the lead to 105-102.  Reggie Miller’s telling Cheryl he’d have made that shot.   I know, they’re brother and sister. That doesn’t mean they can’t watch a game together

10:59 pm – …and Stephon Marbury’s gonna win a playoff series.  Dreams really do come true in America.

11:01 pm – In all seriousness, a fantastic 7 games.  And probably not the last killer series Rose and Noah play in, either.   I’d love to see Ben Gordon in a Knicks uniform next year — the Class of 2010 may or may not take New York seriously, but at least one of those guys would probably prefer to share touches with Gordon than count on Nate Robinson to run the floor.  Alright, it’s time for Pac Man v. Hitman.  As the Bard Of Stamford, CT once said in Montreal, “ring the goddman bell!”

3:37 am – Thought it over and have changed my mind about the Knicks and Gordon.   Feels too much like a streakier Jamal Crawford with worse D (ie. none)