(i’m not quite sure how KG managed to draw not one single foul in 37 minutes of work, but I’d like to blame it on Scott Pollard, just for fun)

Orlando 104, Boston 102

No disrespect intended to the 9-2 Magic or early season MVP candidate Dwight Howard (24 points, 6 rebounds, 3 blocks)…but when are the Celtics gonna get some help for Paul Pierce?

Matt from Blog-A-Bull has proclaimed my BFF Kirk Heinrich “the worst starting point guard in basketball”, which if nothing, shows the sort of domino effect the relegation of Stephon Marbury has on the rest of The Association.

And on that never-ending subject, Peter Vescey’s mailbag proved more reliable than mine.

“I know what sexual harassment is,” e-mails Bixby, “but what do they call it when you harass your point guard? Oh yeah: Coaching!”

E-mails Brian McGunigle, “Call me cynical, but I think Isiah’s master plan is to end up eating Stephon’s contract and then trading someone useful for Sebastian Telfair.”