Let the inevitable “he’s like Larry Bird, only with a ton of tattoos and a totally one-dimensional game” comments flow forth!

Celtics Blog’s Jeff Clark is less than blown away :

Why do we need 16 players going into camp (most of which are really young)? Is this another Will Bynum deal? I™m convinced that Bynum was signed last year as insurance in case Banks was packaged with Blount in an early season deal that never panned out. This could mean that the C™s are looking for similar coverage. Or maybe they really, really wanted to replace Raef with another big, slow, white guy that shoots 3™s.

He played poorly in the Rocky Mountain Revue, but I guess Danny Ainge liked enough of what he saw in college.

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attempts to draw some parallels between Mitch Kupchak’s playing career and his tenure as the Lakers’ GM. Beats stealing his son’s diary, I suppose.

A few years ago, then-Knicks coach Jeff Van Gundy was heard to remark that the two worst things to happen to the NBA were God and golf. Jamal Mashburn can mull that one over, but if maiming strangers on the golf course didn’t hurt Spiro Agnew’s career, it probably won’t seriously dent what’s left of Mashburn’s.