Salutations to Mike K. of KnickerBlogger, who is rarely as good looking or intelligent as when he’s 100% in agreement with me.  Though the new-look Knicks managed to defeat the Wizards, 122-117 last night at the World’s Most Dysfunctional Arena,  Mike is firmly focused on Stephon Marbury’s alleged refusal to play in Friday’s loss to Milwaukee, declaring “I can™t imagine any scenario that would justify Marbury™s actions.”

This could have been a marriage of opportunity. The team lost two guards Friday, so there are plenty of minutes to go around even with the arrival of Mobley. Last night Marbury could have asserted himself as the starting SG for the rest of the season. But on Friday night when the team clearly needed him, Stephon chose himself. He left his teammates to suffer a 17 point loss to a Redd-less Milwaukee. If Marbury had any friends in that clubhouse, he surely lost them after the Bucks game.

Stephon Marbury is defined by his opposing extremes. Marbury™s incredible strengths as a player (scoring in the paint, running the pick & roll) made him desired by teams. But his inability to work on the things to make himself a complete player (defense, operate outside the pick & roll) left him unwanted by the teams he was on. Unlike many athletes who use sneaker contracts to make themselves rich, Marbury created an inexpensive line of sneakers to benefit those that can™t afford to overpay for footwear. But his philanthropy has been undermined by his other actions. There are many to name, but the two that come to mind are his testimony of sleeping with an intern, and his threat to blackmail his coach.

Stephon Marbury has decided he won™t play for the Knicks anymore. But by refusing to play for his team this weekend, he™s hurt his chance to play elsewhere. I can™t imagine another team out there saying œhey Stephon refused to play for his team when they needed him – that™s the kind of attitude we want in our locker room! Marbury has said he™d like to play in Italy, but which NBA coach do you think an Italian team is going to call to inquire if they should sign Stephon? Right the same one Marbury is currently driving crazy.

“Lebron James can™t be a human being. Either that or he is some highly evolved version of a human being that is way ahead of his time” exults The Hoop Doctor’s Dr. Browntorious upon viewing the above footage of The Chosen One’s Saturday evening abuse of Atlanta. There’s also the possibility no one on the Hawks wants to be called for a foul and get knocked into the 5th row.