Never mind hiring Phil Jackson to coach, perhaps he’d like to suit up? Even at his advanced age and frail health, Phil might make better decisions than Stephon Marbury, Jamal Crawford,, Tim and Kurt Thomas, the quartet shooting a combined 9 for 40 from the field in NY’s 107-73 loss to Boston.

(scowly Vin, Jamal and Stephon. Not sure who buys the drinks after this one)

Paul Pierce had 28 points for the Celtics, one night after being held to 15 by Indiana’s Ron Artest.

Memphis, who looked pretty rough in their opening night loss to Washington, are in the process of getting stomped by Dallas, 101-82 with about 6 minutes left. The Dirkster, Finley and Erick Dampier have shot out the lights while on the other side, Bonzi Wells and Lorenzen Wright have displayed marksmanship worthy of uh, Jamal Crawford.

(The Bobcats’ Emeka Okafor driving past Stevie Franchise)

In Charlotte, the expansion Bobcats earned their first franchise victory with a 111-100 decision over Orlando. Grant Hill featured for the visitors (16 points, 4 rebounds), playing in consecutive games for the first time in almost 3 years.

Though I’d hate to say anything that would cast doubt on Isiah Thomas’ skills as a talent evaluator (or his talents as a skills evaluator), Keith Van Horn is looking hot down the stretch against Cleveland tonight. And by “hot”, I don’t mean in the rewrite-the-textbook, deny he-and-I-our-rights as a couple kind of way.