UCLA 13, USC 9

(Adam Heater and Michael Pitre celebrate something a lot cooler than a trip to the Emerald Bowl)

USC’s 7 game wining streak over UCLA came to a conclusion today as the Bruins’ defense kept the nation’s number 2 team off the board, save for an early safety and a subsequent 12 play, 67 yard TD drive in the 2nd quarter. UCLA sophmore QB, Patrick Cowan, starting on 3 days’ notice, didn’t put up nearly the gaudy numbers of Josh David Booty, but he didn’t turn the ball over, either.

The Trojans had a shot at taking the lead in the game’s waning moments, but Eric McNeel tipped, then picked off a Booty pass at the Bruins’ 20 with about a minute left.

As of this writing, Michigan’s chances of a rematch with Ohio State for the national title are looking awfully good ; No. 4 Florida is trailing No. 8 Arkansas, 21-17 in the SEC Championship with 8:33 remainin in the 3rd quarter. The Razorbacks’ Antwain Robinson just ran back a Chris Leak INT to give Arkansas the lead.

(UPDATE : Florida 31, Arkansas 28, 12:28 remaining, 4th quarter. If the Gators hang on to win, Reggie Fish is going to catch a lot of grief for his decision to try and make an over the shoulder catch of a punt on his own goal line with no blockers in front of him. On the bright side, Shawn Green thought he did a good job getting his hands on the ball.)

On any other Saturday, the Steve Slanton Vs. Ray Rice Bowl would be crucial viewing. So would, to a lesser extent, the Big 12 Championship between Oklahoma and Nebraska. But both contests are just going to have to FUCK OFF when faced with the stiff competition of “Comfort & Joy” on the Lifetime Channel.

High-powered singleton Jane Berry is focused on the important things in life, such as advancing her career and spending a bundle on fashionable shoes. But then a car accident on Christmas Eve changes her forever: Jane wakes up after the crash to discover that she is a married stay-at-home mom with two kids and a passion for charity work. Is she dreaming? Crazy? Is this a strange twist of fate? Tune in for this lighthearted holiday movie, starring Lifetime faves Nancy McKeon and Dixie Carter.

Much as I’d love to see Bill Callahan throw another shit-fit at the OU fans, he’s gonna have to do some major work on his appearance and demeanor to beat Nancy McKeon.