Sooners RB extraordinaire Adrian Peterson (above) broke his collarbone Saturday, falling awkwardly into the end zone during the 2nd of his 2 rushing TD’s in Oklahoma’s 34-9 win over Iowa State. College Football Talk’s Joe Collegio thinks the injury could’ve been avoided, along with the fawning media coverage over Peterson’s ex-con dad attending the game.

are we the only ones who thought that he didn’t need to dive — and that he was just showboating?

Sure looked like to to us … and if we could find a video of it we’d show you.

Dumb-Ass #2: Your team is winning 27-9 and there is about 6:35 left in the game — why in the fu– do you have your team’s #1 offensive weapon still playing?

Ask Bob Stoops.

We know it’s been really really (sniff … sniff … honk) tough for Nelson Peterson, an admitted drug dealer who did 7 years in federal prison after being convicted of money-laundering charges … we mean … come on … it’s just not fair that having JAIL-TIME means you aren’t allow to see your kid play football.

Kind of like its hard on some families that were broken up due to the ass clown elder Peterson selling drugs to someone in their family.

And now Nelson the Felon can’t watch his kid play at Oklahoma anymore.

Too fu–in’ bad … fate is a bitch, man.

The great thing about seeing the phrase “ass clown” used so frequently is knowing that such a thing happened without Jim Rome ever pubishing a style guide.

Despite holding RB Ray Rice under 100 yards for the first time this season, Navy were no match for unbeaten Rutgers (6-0), 34-0 victors on Saturday. To be fair, the game was played on dry land. The Scarlet Knights are bowl eligble and if no. 7 Louisville (23-17 winners over Cincinnati) could somehow be bribed into throwing their Nov. 9 meeting in New Brunswick, it might even be a bowl you’ve heard of.

Not since Peter Buck’s air rage trial have the people of Athens, GA been so bitterly disappointed ; Georgia’s 11 year winning streak over Vanderbilt was snapped yesterday when a last second, 33 yard FG by Bryant Hahnfeldt gave the Commodores a 24-22 win over the no. 16 Bulldogs. If Buster Olney can’t figure out a way to work this into his column tomorrow morning, you’ll know an imposter/pod person has taken over his body.

USC and Josh Booty continue to squeak by Pac 10 oppostion
; the Trojans’ narrow win over Arizona State coupled with Auburn’s wild home result over no. 11 Florida might well position Southern Cal for a no. 2 spot in the BCS rankings.

Texas freshman QB Colt McCoy (above) set a school record with 6 TD passes in the Longhorns’ 63-31 thrashing of Baylor. The Bears turned the ball over 5 times and only managed 27 yards rushing — I tried to let Janet Reno know they were being torched, but I think she was watching the Mets/Cards game.

Tobi Akinmusuru would like to formally congratulate Michigan’s Lloyd Carr on tonight’s narrow win at Penn State, but Tobi’s emails keep bouncing and Lloyd seems to have changed his cell phone number. If anyone has updated contact info for the Coach, let me know and I’ll gladly pass it along.