Proving that Isiah Thomas traded away a superior blogger for Zach Randolph, former Knick Channing Frye weighs in on “the orgin of K.P.W.” at Channing :

It means Keep Portland Weird and the true Oregonians, the ones who wear Birkenstocks, ride in a Subaru, wear earthtones 90% of the time, these are the people that have this bumper sticker on their car.

When I first moved to Portland, I truly didn™t understand or realize the greatness of that meaning until I saw some of the ¦ how do I put this ¦ very INTERESTING people that walk the beautiful streets of our fair city.

So my new little project is if you see anything in any city ” especially in Portland ” take a picture and send it to

I’m sure Channing’s already been besieged with jpg’s of Smega In Concert, but you can never have too many of that sort of thing.