Though I’ve enjoyed Channing Frye‘s blog previously, when it comes to Agony Aunts, I’ll stick to Dan Savage, thanks.

Hey, I don™t know how it is for guys with 9-5 regular jobs to deal with their girlfriends, but since I™ve been in this relationship (which has been some of the best months of my life) I™ve discovered something that has really kept the both of us sane: DATE NIGHT.

Holy crap, guys. It™s like holy water when the women start acting like attention vampires, which they do (and y™all still look cute when you get grumpy). It seriously is the best. One night a week go to a movie. Go do something with them. Go carts, batting cage; whatever she™s into or the both of y™all can do together. Even dinner somewhere new.

Man, look, then whenever something goes wrong, just bring up the date night. Be like, œBaby, we had such a good DATE NIGHT. Let™s just not argue.

I don™t know what it does. It™s like coolant to a radioactive bomb.