What sort of horrible human beings would go out of their way to abuse La La Vasquez? Other than CSTB readers? Following Mark Cuban getting in the face of K-Mart’s mom, Game 4 apparently meant open season on Nuggets players and families to hear the Denver Post’s Chris Dempsey tell the tale.

œShort of a game I saw in Belgrade a couple of years ago where they were throwing chairs and setting off flares, it was about as dangerous a venue I™ve been in, GM Rex Chapman said. œIt™s not fair to our players who have to sit there and worry about their families, friends, girlfriends and wives being, for lack of a better term, assaulted, verbally. It was really bad in there.

Chapman did say arena security did what it could to diffuse the situation, but the crowd œwas whipped into a frenzy for some reason. It was almost like it was open season on Kenyon™s mom, and Melo™s wife and Kenyon™s girlfriend. It was bad.

Martin was booed loudly as he and girlfriend Trina walked down a hallway in the American Airways Center after the game. Martin showed crowd, which was in an arena bar, a middle finger.

Nuggets coach George Karl spoke out against the crowd™s behavior.

œI probably would use an uglier word than hostile, said Karl of the scene. œI don™t think it was very classy.

You Go Live In Utah‘s Amanda Cobra was on hand for Saturday’s Game 3 and provides a bit of background regarding the Mavericks organization doing their best to provide a safe, harmonious working environment for the opposition.

To see Chris Andersen foul out of the game was beautiful. While I™m not usually one for the jumbotron entertainment, the Mavs decided to go for the (inked) jugular by playing a taunting video called œHey Mr. Overly Tattooed NBA Guy which not only mocked the Nuggets (and specifically Andersen™s) love of body art, it also questioned whether Kenyon Martin™s neck tattoo of a woman™s name was wise considering that œgirlfriends come and go. The person I went to the game with turned to me after the video and said, œOh my god, they™re gonna beat us by 70 now.”