The alleged shenanigans surrounding Reggie Bush have provided ample content for Yahoo Sports’ investigative arm, and following the portal looking into O.J. Mayo’s brief Trojan tenue, Charles Robinson and Jason Cole charge coach Tim Floyd with making direct payments to a Mayo crony.

Louis Johnson, a one-time Mayo confidant, has told both NCAA investigators and federal authorities “ including the FBI, IRS and U.S. Attorney™s Office “ that Floyd gave at least $1,000 in cash to Rodney Guillory, a man who allegedly lavished Mayo with improper benefits while the guard starred for the Trojans.

Johnson told the NCAA and federal authorities the payment took place in the week leading up to the 2007 NBA All-Star weekend in Las Vegas “ three months after Mayo committed to USC while finishing his final year of high school. His attorneys said Johnson perceived the payment as an extension of Floyd™s gratitude for Guillory™s delivery of Mayo to USC.

œIt was clearly money in contemplation of inducing O.J. to go through with the decision [to play at USC], Murphy said. œThat was the understanding that Louis had “ that this was money from Floyd to Guillory for them to go out and have a great weekend. It was the inducement for Guillory™s efforts in delivering [Mayo to sign with USC].