(he’s not sieg-heiling folks — the gent on the left is merely waving to the Pepsi Party Patrol and their t-shirt cannon).

Spurs collide with top-of-the-table Chelsea later today
, and the hosts have issued an official warning to their home supporters that anti semitic abuse aimed at Tottenham fans will not be tolerated. As opposed to say, the firing of Avram Grant, which was considered socially acceptable.

Chelsea Football Club is committed to stamping out all forms of anti-semitism and for Sunday’s game against Tottenham there will be increased police surveillance inside Stamford Bridge.

This surveillance will include more uniformed police officers in the ground. In particular the Matthew Harding Lower will see an increased police presence.

Anti-semitism is racist and anyone caught making anti-semitic chants will be banned from Stamford Bridge for life and if there is sufficient evidence will be subject to a criminal prosecution.

It is not an excuse to chant anti-semitic abuse because opposition supporters use particular words as a form of identity.

If anyone hears racist chants of any sort during the match it should be reported to a police officer or steward or after the game you can ring Chelsea on 020 7915 1919, or Crimestoppers on 0800 555 111 or Kick It Out on 0800 1699 414. During the game you can text an incident to 07894 937 793.

Please try and note the stand, row and seat number of the culprit as well as their physical appearance, height and build.

Failing that, you could forward this snapshot.