Former heavyweight hopeful / offensive driving specialist Mitch “Blood” Green was quizzed by The Sweet Science’s Shawn Murphy earlier this week. Aside from still harboring a serious grudge against the fighter he calls “Michelle Cicely Tyson” and promoter Don King, Green claims to be preparing to make his MMA debut. What, you thought he’d be speaking at the Republican National Convention?

(SM)  What’s in your future plans Mitch?
(MG)  Ultimate fighting, wrestling, whatever. Remember that show “Best Damn
Sports Show”, I got on there and called Tyson a homosexual!  I love to talk, I’m original, I’m always talking!  Don Queen, Don Queen!  Hold on Shawn I
want you to talk to someone else. (another phone line rings)

(SM)  Hi, who is this? (three way call)
(DK)  I’m Dr. King, Mitch’s longtime friend and dentist.

(SM)  What are your plans for Mitch?
(DK)   I want to get him into ultimate fighting.  I’m making some calls to New
York to see about licensing.  His opponent will try and kick him, Mitch will block it and then Mitch will knock him out with one punch.

(MG)  This is the guy that can get me some fights!
(DK)   Mitch could do a show in Vegas and it would be a million dollar gate.
(MG)  This is the white Don King, this is the angel, and the other DK is the devil!
(DK)   What is fascinating is that several years ago when he wanted to fight
Tyson, Don King wouldn’t give him a shot because he knew Mitch would knock him out.  This is one of the underdogs.  If you ever write a book it would be called “From Rags To Rags”.  But I’m telling you he is the next big thing in ultimate fighting.  It’s a huge draw in Vegas.  Right now I have two people who are looking to take him to Bahrain, Dubai and Egypt. Mitch has a huge following.  I took him out for lunch after an appointment one time and every kid on the street stopped him to say hello.  He’s a big hero around here, but he never got the chance to because he’s tough to control.  Mitch has a heart of gold.

(SM)   Mitch, you still there?
(MG)  Yeah I’m still here!  Dr. King is a good friend of mine.  He’s not in the business but he knows a lot of people.  I’ll fight a lion or a bear!