If the Owner WIth A Boner can be fined for expressing the most benign interest in LeBron James, what sort of reverse-tampering punishment awaits Dwyane Wade (above), who suggested Chicago was an unsuitable destination for James (and presumably, himself) due to Da Bulls’ alleged disloyalty towards Michael Jordan and Scottie Pippen. He’s got a point, right? I mean, has Chicago retired Bill Wennigton’s number yet? Wilsoneads of Blog A Bull declares in response, “this is the day I officially stopped liking Dwyane Wade.”

The reason Jordan and Pippen aren’t in the organization anymore is complicated and a lot of it has to do with Jerry Krause. Pippen got pissed cause we wouldn’t reward him Jordan money on the downside of his career so he bolted. That left a bad taste in his mouth but it was absolutely the right decision for the Bulls to make. So of course there’s always going to be bitterness there.

As for players not staying in the organization?? Do John Paxson and Pete Myers not count because they’re not superstars?? I mean what a moronic statement. Wade’s done in my book. I’m glad he’s not coming here.