Of the debut single from Miami DJ / former Heat C Rony Seikaly, “Come With Me”, Yahoo’s Trent Kirby writes, ‘I can’t imagine the words took a ton of time, but when you’re grooving in the club, who cares? The beauty is in the breakdown, obviously.”   New Times’ Gus Garcia-Roberts is a bit less charitable ;  “Seikaly’s specialty : the spaced-out electronic house music that makes you want to wash an Ecstasy pill down with a $12 Heineken as you sweat 12 pounds off at a velvet-roped nightclub.”

“The locker room was the one place I couldn’t play my music,” Seikaly tells Riptide, laughing. “They’d all say, ‘Turn that shit off!'”

This month, Seikaly signed with well-known house-music label Subliminal Records. When Riptide catches up to him, he’s back in Lebanon during a Europe club tour. The one constant of a successful DJ’s life: travel. “When I stopped playing the NBA,” he remarks, “I thought the last thing I want to do is get on more planes, but here I am. I don’t have the luxury of the team plane anymore. I’m back on commercial.”

Seikaly is still a huge Heat fan. So, Riptide wonders, what song would best describe the team’s mood upon securing superstars Dwyane Wade, Chris Bosh, and LeBron James? Without hesitation, he croons a Black Eyed Peas selection: “Tonight’s going to be a good night.”

And what would Seikaly play for those poor souls in Cleveland? “Something,” he quips, “by Eternal Tears of Sorrow.”