At this point in his career, we know who “Larry” “Wayne” Chipper Jones (above, left) is. We know what he’s about as a professional baseball player, we know what kind of exotic entertainment he enjoys, and we might even know about “Buck Commander,” the Outdoor Channel show in which he and Ryan Langerhans hunt and hijink about and play wiffle-ball with heavily bearded hunter dudes. And thanks to Jones’ admirable recent forthrightness on the problem of nerds blogging bad things about him from their mothers’ basements, we know how Chipper believes computers should be used. Namely, they should have their browsers pointed at Prison Planet, and they should be used to discover the HIDDEN TRUTH about President John F. Kennedy’s assassination.

No doubt “they” encouraged him to keep his mouth shut on what he knows, but Chipper will keep quiet no longer. He finally broke his long silence on the issue to Yahoo’s Dan Schlossberg:

“Having shot a hunting rifle all my life, I personally believe there was more than one shooter,” the six-time All Star said before an exhibition game at Disney’s Wide World of Sports. “The conspiracy behind it is what really intrigues me. I’m sure it went pretty high but I don’t know how high. Let’s just say somebody had to put it into motion — and it was somebody high-ranking in the U.S. government.”

Although Jones was born in 1972, nine years after Kennedy was assassinated during a Dallas motorcade on Nov. 22, 1963, he heard about the event from his father, Larry Wayne Jones, when they lived in DeLand, Fla.

“It interests my dad,” Jones said. “He always said it was one of the five biggest defining moments of his life. And I did numerous reports on it when I was in school.”

No word, yet, on the other four biggest defining moments of Larry Wayne Jones Sr.’s life, but I’ll obviously watch the skies for the TRUTH. Or, failing that, rely on Craig Calcaterra — Hardball Talk’s basement-blogging conspiratologist in chief — for pithy commentary on Jones’ next Oliver Stone-ism.