…are no match for an umpire eager to dine before room service is cut off.

In all seriousness, the replay was inconclusive and I’m not gonna complain about Jose Reyes finally coming to life, nor Angel Pagan doing everything in his power to, uh, well, get Omar Minaya off the hook for waiving Ruben Gotay.

Newsday’s Ken Davidoff has some sobering numbers regarding the Phillies’ ownership of Aaron Heilman. Allowing a moonshot to Ryan Howard is not in and of itself a cause for alarm, but Heilman’s had a brutal first week. I remain convinced he’d be a better option as a 5th starter than Claudio Vargas, if only because the Notre Dame product would have a larger margin for error than he’s granted as Country Time’s precursor.  If Heilman’s gonna groove one within a batter or two of his arrival, perhaps he requires another 100 pitches to settle in.