After a day in which Mike Francesca — while crediting the former Seibu Lion for some nice play in the field — repeatedly reminded WFAN listeners that Kaz Matsui had “done nothing” at the plate this season, the New York Post’s Jay Greenberg jumps on the anti-Kaz bandwagon.

It’s good to again have options. One would be nice at second base, too, even if Cliff Floyd, who had another two hits yesterday, is really finding himself, reducing some need for Matsui to hit to even his disappointing .265 average of his first two Mets seasons.

So far, the Mets are only middle-of-the-pack in the National League in runs, hits and RBIs. Currently, the 8-hole is a black hole where Nady hits go to die.

With about $5 million yet to sift thought the hourglass marking one of the smaller bangs-for-the-bucks the Mets have ever received, what choice does Randolph have but to be positive?

“[Matsui] is not a very patient hitter but he’ll find some holes like any hitter.” said the manager. “He’ll pick it up in the next couple of days.”

A hush fell over the room.

“He’ll hit,” repeated Randolph. “He’ll be alright.”

Yeah? Wasn’t that said about Doug Mientkiewicz?

Sportsnet NY is reporting that Jeremi Gonzalez has been traded to the Brewers in exchange for left-handed reliever Mike Adams.

Wilpon-TV is also the bearer of the sad news that Mets 3B David Wright, suffering from back spasms, has been scratched from the lineup tonight against the Marlins. I don’t know much about back spasms, but they ought to put some disinfectant on that scratch.

In the wake of Neifi Perez’ crummy day, the Cubs have called up Tony Womack from Iowa.

For the time being, the Pacific Coast League record of 27 1/3 scoreless innings will remain a mark shared by Jered Weaver and Kevin Gregg. The former (above) was promoted from Salt Lake to Anaheim earlier today. Weaver is expected to make his big league debut tomorrow against Baltimore.

The Marlins have acquired OF Cody Ross from the Reds.  Never let it be said that Jeffrey Loria isn’t willing to do what it takes to field a contender.