4) Charles S. Dutton (200-1)

Were it not for the fact he’s a little long in the tooth, Dutton would have a real shot. He’s excelled in roles both serious and schlocky, and while he wouldn’t mean dick at the box office, I’m sure he’d add genuine gravitas to any Dorner biopic.

3) Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson (25-1)

Any filmmaker hoping to go the action-adventure route with the Dorner story could do worse than enlist the services of Johnson. Who could resist The People’s Elbow vs. the LAPD? In reality, probably Johnson, who might not be eager to embrace a heel turn far more complex than anything he’s tackled in the squared circle or on the big screen.

2) Seth Gilliam (5-1)

Were it not for his lack of mainstream name recognition, Gilliam might already have this part in his back pocket. He’s played a cop (Ellis Carver in “The Wire”) and his performance as nutcase corrections officer-turned-convict Clayton Hughes in “Oz” could be an audtion reel all by itself.

1) Shia LeBouf  Joseph Gordon-Levitt  (even money)

Slam Dunk. It’s his if he wants it.