TV Go Home , the brilliantly savage parody of the Radio Times’ tone and text, didn’t survive the transistion to a short lived E4 series, possibly because the site’s most fully realized creation wasn’t featured. The ficticious “fly-on-the-wall documentary”, “Cunt” chronicled the adventures of new media creep Nathan Barley to devestating effect.

Using Photoshop, Dreamweaver and a graphics tablet, Nathan Barley publishes a spoof website for a World Trade Center edition of Jenga in which players build neighboring towers and attempt to topple them with paper planes, posts a link to it on the Popbitch message board, then refuses to delete it from the server following the inevitable public outcry, claiming to have made an important satirical point about the commercialisation of tragedy —- subsequently underlining his fearless commitment to freedom of speech by printing the controversial design onto t-shirts and selling them online for a mere £35 each.

So we’re pleased to learn that Barley, the creation of TV Go Home’s Charles Brooking, will come to life next week in a new Channel 4 series from Chris Morris. If anyone would like to send CSTB a DVD-R of the premiere broadcast, a suitable swap can be arranged (perhaps the “Designing Women” box set). Though some of the reviews to date have been less than enthusiastic, you’ll recall that a pioneering program like “Get A Life” had a rough ride with the TV critics intially before going on to….cancellation in 16 months.