As heard on today’s “Mike & The Mad Dog Show” on WFAN and the YES Network :

caller : (after discussing the Kris Benson trade) Are they gonna change the name of the team to the New York Hispanics instead of the New York Mets?

Francesca : They’re the New York Mets.

Russo : I wouldn’t go that crazy with it. If they win, I don’t think anyone cares. I do think that if Omar has a choice, he leans in that direction.

Francesca : Do the Angels have 14 players of Hispanic…

Russo : Imus told me 14. We’d have to go count who is on the major league roster. They have a hispanic owner.

Francesca : Omar isn’t going to pass up a better player…

Russo : No, he’s going to bring up Lo Duca. Over Bengie Molina. Or Ramon Hernandez.

Glad we’ve resolved that, then. Mike and Chris seem in agreement that the Mets are not changing the name of the team, however Russo suspects that Omar Minaya has a personal bias towards hispanic players. Not such a pronounced bias, though, that the broadcaster can cite anything besides an example to the contrary.