What drew Jeff Johnson to Gene Keady’s Wikipedia page early today? Probably the same thing that draws anyone: an attempt to more closely emulate D. Original Coach K’s distinctive hairstyle. Actually, that’s not true. The rest of what Johnson writes about in this post, though, is true.

Earlier today I was on the phone with my father talking about Big Ten basketball, and he mentioned Purdue, which got me thinking about Gene Keady. (I don’t actually need an excuse to think about Gene). Anyway, I wondered how he’s been doing and I went to his Wikipedia page and it said he was DEAD. It has since been changed.

Why would someone say Gene Keady died in Madison Wisconsin in November 2006? Or is this some new trend that everyone knows about except me? Is changing Gene Keady’s Wikipedia page a new form of rickrolling? Do I look dumb wearing rollerblades and a walkman? Do the kids like Billy Ocean?

The link above will take you to the pre-corrected Wikipedia page; Keady’s page has since been corrected, and I’ve sent a message to the anonymous user who altered the page (and has done no other work on Wikipedia, although for all we know he’s “killing” Steve Fisher or Jud Heathcoate right now) asking why he did it. I’ll post any response I receive.

On a side note, I actually saw Keady a few weeks ago on TV during one of those lackluster Big Ten games that periodically get picked up on ESPN Plus. He looked pretty obviously deceased to me, but it’s hard to tell on television.