…or straight to VOD or however you’re watching movies these days. Following a Hollywood Reporter item claiming “Imitation Game” director Teddy Schwartzman had acquired the rights to Roger Clemens biopic screenplay, Techonology Tell’s Stephen Silver took issue with the trade paper’s brand of biz puffery :

The Reporter story added that Warner Brothers had bid on the script- with the idea of Bradley Cooper both producing and starring, a la “American Sniper”- but were outbid by Schwarzman. It also includes an all-time terrible lede- “After tackling the true story of Alan Turing, The Imitation Game producer Teddy Schwarzman is now taking on another true-life figure tarnished during his day.” Yea, because the guy persecuted and hounded into suicide for being gay and the guy widely criticized in the media for using steroids were both “tarnished.” And only one of them was instrumental in winning a world war.