NY Post sports media critic Phil Mushnick claims the start of March Madness coincides with more eyeballs around his TV set, or to be more specific, “those who don’t normally watch basketball with us — wives, mothers, daughters, girlfriends, aunts.” Putting aside the terrifying prospect of Phil having multiple wives (girlfriends, too!), surely a man of his sophistication is not claiming women are the only viewers asking “annoying” and/or “good questions to which we have no good answers.” Either way, it’s good to know the tradition of being super upright at tattoos extends to females members of the Mushnick clan, and/or Phil’s guests.

“Why is that coach allowed to stand on the court and run up and down while the game’s being played?”
“How can these kids afford such elaborate tattoos?”
“Why do teams need four or five coaches to coach five players at a time?”
“Why is it important for refs to use TV replays to check calls with a minute left but not with five or 10 minutes left?”
“Why are coaches allowed to scream at the refs? Isn’t that setting a bad example?”
“Aren’t opposing players allowed to help each other up?”
“Why do coaches wear suits?”
“When do these kids go to school?”
“Why do the players slap hands after every foul shot, even after they miss?”
“That’s the coach’s wife? She’s too young to be his first. I’ll Google it.”