OK, that’s not exactly what 7-time Cy Young Award winner Roger Clemens told ESPN’s Mike Greenberg and Mike Golic this morning.  But in responding to accusations raised in the new Daily News’ compiled “American Icon”, the Rocket continued a pattern of denials and bizarre claims regarding his alleged use of human growth hormone.  From Newsday’s Ken Davidoff :

“He’s never injected me with HGH or steroids,”  Clemens said of McNamee. The accounts of McNamee made up the meatiest part of the Mitchell Report, and prompted Clemens to testify publicly against McNamee in a Congressional hearing, as well as file a defamation suit against McNamee.

While most of the counts of that suit have been dismissed, Clemens is marching forward with what’s left of it, he said.

“We’re still dealing with that right now,” he said. “I’m going to let [his attorneys] handle it.”

Clemens cited his family’s history of heart problems as another reason why he would never use illegal PEDs, saying that a brother had a heart attack in his 40s and his stepfather died of a heart attack. Of course, there is no genetic connection between Clemens and his stepfather.

Now 46, Clemens said that he supplied a DNA sample at the very beginning of this process, to prove that his DNA could not be on the needles that McNamee supplied to Congressional investigators. While reports have surfaced that Clemens’ DNA is indeed on those syringes — which McNamee alleges he used to inject Clemens with illegal PEDs — Clemens said that was “impossible, because he’s never given me any. He’s never given me HGH or any performance-enhancing drug.”