Houston 7, Atlanta 6 (18 innings)

In the time it took the Astros to win today’s game— the longest in post-season history, besting the Mets’ 16 inning NLCS Game 6 clincher at the Astrodome in ’86 — David Carr could’ve been sacked another dozen times. And seriously folks, I flipped the channel at 6-1 in the 8th, figuring even the Braves’ shitty pen could hang on to this one.

I mean, the Keyshawn Johnson/Drew Bledsoe screaming match was entertaining, but needless to say, I made the wrong choice.

Consider this entry the start of a petition to give Round Rock Express manager Jackie Moore a full playoff share. The Braves got a lot of mileage out of their rookies, but the Astros were propped up all season by huge contributions from Round Rock grads circa this season or last. Chris Burke (above) had a grand total of 5 big league homers entering today’s game, but none bigger than the 338 foot liner he deposited in the left field seats to end this marathon.

I don’t have a ton of sympathy for the Braves at this very moment, but Joey Devine isn’t nearly as much to blame for Atlanta’s annual early exit as a couple of bad plays in the infield during the home half of the 8th. Houston aren’t the most prodigious offensive team, not by a long shot, but giving them the opportunity to bring Lance Berkman to the plate with the bases loaded was inexcuseable (and sure enough, a 330 foot fly ball narrowed the margin to one run).