“Peace In The Middle East” is Roger Clemens’ sign-off to his adoring fans, the Rocket’s email interview with the readers of Houstonist covering such topics as Koby’s Kareer (“Koby is his own man. Remember, he has grown up in this environment and is no stranger to the media”), his Hall Of Fame chances (“it’s a fantastic place, a fantastic town”) and most predictably, the clearing of his formerly good name.  Despite the failure of two recent Clemens druggy books to top the best seller list, Rahgah might lend his name to another.  From Houstonist’s Jason Bargas :

You have stated that you never took HGH. However, your wife has admitted she took HGH and that that drug was provided by Brian McNamee. Are you saying that he was an adviser of yours and you let him give your wife a performance enhancing drug that you have never taken? (from: Brian Kist)

First, I did not “let” Brian McNamee inject my wife. As I stated in the congressional deposition, I was not at home when the incident took place. All you have to do is read ” just go to the congressional website and spend some time reading.

Why do you believe that Mr. McNamee brought these allegations against you? (from: Cinderelly25)

I believe I do know why he made the allegations, but I am holding on to that due to ongoing litigation.

Do you believe that you will get a chance to present your side of the story in a court of law? And if you do not, what will be your recourse, if any? Will you write a book? (from: Cinderelly25)

I sure hope so. I think that’s the only place that we will be able to fully and fairly tell our side of the story.

If I don’t get that opportunity, I’m not sure how we’ll go forward. That is something to be handled if, or when, the time comes.

I’ve already written one book earlier in my career with Peter Gammons, and I enjoyed that. At this point there have been many conversations about me sitting down to write another one, and I guess that is a real possibility.