From the Tacoma News Tribune’s Frank Hughes.

Phoenix Suns chairman Jerry Colangelo (above) is the subject of a lawsuit by Danny Fortson in which Fortson claims Colangelo ruined his reputation after labeling him a œthug.

The incident stemmed from Fortson™s involvement in a play in which the wrist of Suns rookie Zarko Cabarkapa was broken in 2003 when Fortson played for Dallas.

Last week, Fortson said his recent problems with officials stem from Colangelo and New York Post columnist Peter Vescey, who wrote that Fortson is œthuggish.

œThat is an old, old story, Colangelo said. œI don™t want to get into that. There is no reason to get into any further contests with Danny over this. I am sure it is a situation that he feels badly about. We all do, but it is over.