20 year old John Wall scored 19 points, dished out 13 assists and hauled down 10 rebounds last night in Washington’s 98-91 defeat of Houston. This was Wall’s 6th regular season game as a professional, and while I didn’t get to hear whether or not Colin Cowherd still considers Wall a bust merely because he’s not Rajon Rondo, there does seem to be some drama over what may or may not be veiled reference’s to Wall’s childhood, if not a nonsensical comparison to Michael Vick.

Keep in mind, this is the same Cowherd who a few years ago, argued the NBA regular season was barely worth paying attention to. At present, it’s increasingly hard figure out exactly who Cowherd’s brand of hate fuckery is supposed to appeal to — if ESPN’s long term radio strategy is to simply allow halfwits to generate cheap hit at all costs, perhaps Bruce Jacobs can take over for Greenberg and Golic?