I was hoping the “Unsafe At Any Speed” author would use his valuable time to go after Sprite for ripping off the ‘Lil Penny character, but I guess that’s not really part of his agenda. From the Boston Globe’s Peter May.

Not that LeBron James needed anything more to tie up his time, but the Cavaliers’ sensation is now in the crosshairs of one Ralph Nader.

The longtime consumer advocate wants James to push for child marketing curbs in his supposed new endorsement deals with McDonald’s and Coca-Cola. In a letter to James, Nader reminded the Cavs’ star that he was asked two years ago to address the issue of sweatshop labor and Nike. Didn’t happen, according to Ralph.

Now, Nader said, “We would like to extend our hope that, prior to signing [these deals], you will do something positive for the many children whose health and well-being are put at risk by the marketing practices of these junk-food giants.”

Nader closed by saying, “We wish you continued success in your professional career and look forward to your response, unlike two years ago when your agent recommended that you not have the courtesy to reply to our first letter.”

Efforts by the Globe to reach James’s agent, Aaron Goodwin, were unsuccessful.